Top Tips & Tricks for Packing Bras

Top Tips & Tricks for Packing Bras

Packing bras for vacation or any trip can be challenging especially when you’re short on space. Bras can be bulky and difficult to pack without getting flattened, bumpy, or losing their shape. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave your best bras at home since you’ll want to look and feel your best on your trip, especially in all the vacation photos! Part of looking and feeling your best involves wearing the right bras to support and uplift you in each outfit you wear.

When it comes to packing bras, we’ve got you covered. Here are some important tips and tricks to successfully pack bras, ensuring they maintain their best shape so you can keep yours.

Understanding Your Bras

Before you start packing, it's essential to understand the different types of bras you own and their features as well as the outfits you plan to wear on your trip. Do you need strapless, halter back, sports bras, or an underwire bra with a little lift? A multi-way bra with multiple strap options can be a good option.

Keep in mind that each bra you own has been created with varied materials, underwires, padding, straps, and shapes, which require unique care and packing methods. Knowing about the bras you own can help you choose the right packing strategy to help prevent your bras from getting damaged in your suitcase.

Packing Prep

Preparing bras before traveling is important. Just as we only pack clean clothes for a trip, it is equally important to make sure your bras are clean. The recommended care for most bras is hand wash and dry flat but always check the bra’s care label for the manufacturer’s care suggestions specific to that item. Some bras can be washed in a washing machine on gentle cycle in a special protective lingerie bag before drying flat. The Essential Lingerie Wash Bag is a must-have for bra care as it helps protect delicate items in the washing machine. As a bonus, you can also use it for packing! Link provided below.

Packing Methods for Bras

Choosing the right packing technique for your bras can help save space and ensure each bra remains in shape during travel. It is usually recommended to hook bras closed if possible, so they don’t snag on other items in your suitcase. Of course, if you have a really special bra that you want to protect from harm, consider wearing this bra enroute to your destination to avoid any mishaps.

Below are a few recommended packing methods. Depending on the bras you are packing, one of these methods is sure to work for you.

  • Rolling

Rolling your bras is a perfect option for packing unstructured soft-cupped or          sports bras. This method involves rolling each bra into a tight cylinder, which      makes them compact and easy to stack in your luggage.

  • Stacking

This method involves stacking your bras one on top of the other and folding     them over to keep their shape. Stacking works well with underwire, molded cups             or padded bras.

  • Stuffing Cups

For bras with underwires, stuffing the cups with clean socks, underwear, or swimsuits can help prevent the wires from getting bent and preserve each bra’s shape plus it helps save space. This also works well for any molded-cup bra.

  • Bra Storage Cases

Bra storage cases are an excellent investment for frequent travelers and those with larger bust sizes. These cases have molded cups that maintain your bra's shape and keep them protected in transit. Packing cubes or straps are also good options to help secure your bras in your suitcase.

Maximizing Luggage Space

When traveling, luggage space can be limited, and every inch counts. However, there are ways to pack bras efficiently without taking up too much space. Consider packing your bras in between rolled-up clothes or placing them in the corners of your luggage. Additionally, try packing lighter, travel-friendly bras to save space. We have a few suggestions below.

Maintaining Your Bras During Vacation

Proper bra care during your vacation helps keep them in shape and gives you a comfortable and supported experience. You can follow our tips on proper bra care even while away from home. For more Bra Care tips read our other blog post.

Packing bras for any trip doesn't have to be a stressful task. With the proper preparation, packing methods, and knowledge of your bras, you can maintain each bra’s shape and ensure comfort throughout your time away. Most important of all, you’ll have a better time on your trip if you look and feel your best!

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Here are some suggestions for bras that offer support and are oh-so-easy to pack:

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