5 Bra Fit Tips

5 Bra Fit Tips

5 Bra Fit Tips


How is the fit of your bra band?

  • Make sure to adjust the bra hooks as necessary and raise your arms—the band should stay in place.
  • If it rides up, that’s a big red flag. Switch to a smaller band size immediately.
  • Any pinching or bulging? Not good. Opt for a larger band size instead.

Tip #1: The band provides 70% of the support in your bra. It should feel snug, not overly tight.



Have you set the straps to fit your height?

  • Adjust the sliders on the straps of each new bra, you should be able to slide 2 fingers under the strap.
  • If you can't fit your fingers under, the straps are too tight.
  • If you can lift the strap more than half an inch, they are too loose.

Tip #2: Bra straps should stay comfortably on your shoulders without falling or digging in. Remember, most support comes from the band, so the straps shouldn’t be overly tight.



Are you wearing the correct cup size?

  • Make sure your breast is positioned at the center of the cup.
  • If you're spilling over at the neckline or underarms, go for a larger cup size.
  • If there's gapping, opt for a smaller cup size.

 Tip #3: When the cup size is right, your breasts should fit perfectly within the cup.



Does your bust align with your body's frame?

  • Use a mirror. The sides of your breasts shouldn't extend beyond your body's frame.
  • If you have a larger bust, Fit the larger bust and adjust slides to adjust cup size. 

Tip #4: The most flattering bra shapes are those that provide side support for a smooth silhouette.



Do your bras offer the support you need?

  • Stand sideways in front of a mirror and examine your bustline.
  • If the most projected part of your breast aligns with the midpoint of your bent elbow and shoulder, you're good to go.
  • If they fall lower, it's time to try a different bra style.

Tip #5: The most comfortable bra is one that lifts your breasts up and away from your body for optimal support and comfort.

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