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More than a business...

Our Fit Stylists love their businesses. For some it’s the flexibility, for others it’s the extra income, personal growth or friendships. For most it’s all of those things and more! Helping women discover the power of a well-fit bra is a life-changing experience. As you build the trust and respect of your clients you’ll likely be rewarded with the title of ‘My Bra Lady’.

Earn 25-37%
on everything

you sell!

Building an business with us is easy!

We offer women the chance to build an income for themselves while promoting body diversity and inclusion – celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, go on a well-deserved vacation, or add to your household income, EBW is everything you’ve been looking for.


Your business, your choice!

Get started for $199 or choose our most popular kit, the Business Builder that includes 47 bras!



Over $1000 Value

Our Basic Kit is exactly as it sounds. What you need to get started, nothing more, nothing less. We’ll give you 5 bras, 4 panties, and our popular cami all from our Core Collection. Included as well are the business and training tools you need to start your new EBW business.

Plus all the business tools and training you need to get started.

Or Choose Our Best Selling Business Builder Kit

Worth over $4000!



With our Business Builder Kit you’ll get everything you need for just $499! We’re giving you 42 Abbie bras (our all-time, best-selling bra) in unique sizes, plus an additional 5 bras from our Core Collection - that’s a total of 47 bras! You’ll also receive 4 panties and 2 items from our Shapewear Collection! Of course, we’ll include all the business tools and training you need to get started.

You’ll love these benefits too!

  • Flexibility to work as you choose
  • Personal growth + development
  • Extra income + discounted products
  • Company sponsored Host programs + sales & team building bonuses
  • Friendships & social time
  • Assist your community at home & across the country with Project Uplift
  • Fresh limited edition collections to help you service your customers more frequently

Our compensation plan and Fast Start program will help you launch your business

Try it on, love it on!

This business has taught me to believe in myself, step outside my box, and be brave. My business started as a hobby and over the last 2 years, it has become my full-time career and passion. I love helping empower women through personal growth, financial freedom, and amazing products. Who knew that my bra business could be so rewarding and give me so much joy?!

- Penny Buhr, EBW Fit Stylist

Plus - you can earn
your way on our yearly
incentive trips!

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started you'll need to invest in a Fit Kit which costs $199 for our Basic Fit Kit and $499 for our Business Builders Fit Kit. This equips you with the samples you'll need to fit and measure your clients. We sometimes have a sale on our kits where our kit prices are lower.
You can simply go to our website to join. Go to www.essentialbodywear.com and click on Join. Once your activation is processed you will be placed on a team with a Leader that lives in your part of the country.
To successfully run your own Essential Bodywear business, all you'll need is a car, a phone, a computer, your Fit Kit and a love for the Essential Bodywear collections. You must also be over 18 years of age.
We recommend that our Fit Stylists aim to have $750 in volume in a rolling three-month period, but only requirement is to have an active website which is a $19.95 charge per month.
You can earn from 25% up to 37% commissions.
You will only need to carry the Cupz Fitting system and the Fit Kit samples you’ll use to fit and measure your clients. All your client’s orders will be processed once their fitting is complete, before being shipped directly from Essential Bodywear HQ.
Essential Bodywear is a proud member of the DSA and abides by the DSA's Code of Ethics.

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